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RPO Companies have become the most sought after recruitment solution for some of the leading organizations across the globe. Businesses run on the skills of their team, hence the right recruitment strategy is mandatory to pull off the success of any organization. An RPO Company such as Sittellas RPO provides a strategic recruitment approach to profoundly change an organization's ecosystem. However, RPO services are still a point of a question for many who are interested in it but unsure about its outcome.

Just like a recruiter gives an endnote to the interview with the mandatory “Do you have any questions?” line, likewise we are here to resolve all your doubts from a recruiters perspective giving a detailed insight to how RPO Companies work, moreover “How Sittellas renders the most efficient and flexible RPO service in a global market”!

Does an RPO Model support global hiring?

COVID-19 has altered the landscape of the workforce because of which RPO service providers are developing new recruitment models. In times when lockdown has stopped all sorts of operations and global hiring is almost impossible, RPO services provide an edge here. They have on-site teams to work closely with the hiring requirements and search for candidates who are native to that place. An organization fails to scale the recruitment process with just its in-house hiring team because of certain limitations. Sittellas provide flexible as well as scalable means of hiring any number of employees globally with its large experienced team members and all the latest virtual hiring technologies.

Can RPO Companies cater to urgent hiring requirements?

An RPO Company such as Sittellas RPO has got an entirely exclusive approach when it comes to urgent recruitment. But it is always recommended by some of the top recruitment leaders to not hush-hush the hiring requirement. Always have an insight into the long-term requirements of your business and recruit employees who are in sync with your vision. Taking time in the hiring process always guarantees success as even the slight chance of failure gets eliminated. Mismanagement and high turnover expenses are often related to times when the recruitment process was rushed whether done by an in-house recruiter team or an experienced RPO Company.

What is better, an in-house hiring team or an RPO service?

Organizations shift to recruitment process outsourcing mostly because of all the latest technology that a recruitment company possesses but is too expensive or overkill to be acquired by an organization.

Recruitment Company such as Sittellas RPO is a process-oriented service provider which is technologically and strategically sound to solve business problems that can otherwise be quite costly when done by in-house recruiters. Even the companies that are monetary sound often find RPO services to be more useful as they know how to evolve with the changing recruitment needs and can better use technology to their favor.

in house recruiter vs RPO

Do RPO Companies ensure a better candidate experience?

RPO Companies represent the brand of their clients and brand management is one of their prior tasks. Handling the candidates in the right manner is quite important when it comes to maintaining the responsibility and integrity of your brand name. In-house recruitment teams are often involved in too many tasks forgetting or ignoring the fact that getting back to even the non-selected candidates is an important part of lending information. We ensure a dedicated team of recruiters who are one-to-one in touch with every candidate’s needs, queries, or the urgency of acquiring information.

Organizations often get bad reviews on their recruitment process. Many reviews are mere complaints that the recruiter didn’t get back to them or the overall recruitment process was too lousy. However, a recruitment company will always make sure to not get you any such reviews, which only brings down the brand name of the company.

Do RPO Companies pay attention to “what a client wants”?

Sittellas RPO believe in “management through data” wherein the clients can see a verified status of productivity and effectiveness throughout the entire recruitment process. The data is shared on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis (as discussed with the client). Also, any suggestions or insights from the client's end is always accepted and worked on to provide complete satisfaction.

A recruitment company should be ready to come up with challenging ideas to be dealt with a smart approach. The more efforts put by an RPO Company, the more clients can rely on them and be sure of their choice. An RPO should aim to be a “yes person” ready to take on any recruitment challenge with confidence.

Doubts about RPO services can put you behind your competitors who are acquiring the best out of the recruitment market. To be in the game you need the power of strategy, tools, and experience which Sittellas RPO the leading RPO Company has got. To book a free trial, please contact us.

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