Benefits of Hiring RPO Company

Benefits of hiring rpo company

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Recruitment is one of the significant aspects of an organization that determines a plethora of factors like growth, success, customer satisfaction, work culture, and longevity of the company. Recruitment may seem like a simple process of just filling a role in the organization, but it is a crucial process of carefully recruiting and selecting the perfect workforce that can add value to the firm’s purpose. Your personnel is your arsenal. Possessing the right mix of personnel provides an impetus to achieve maximum efficiency, optimum productivity, and become a core growth driver. It is of prime importance to have a faculty that best suits the firm’s objectives and goals.

In today’s age of cost-effectiveness, every organization is looking for a higher ROI (Return on Investment) with minimal operational cost. Outsourcing is one of the dominating trends in human resource management. The rationale for outsourcing HR is simple and clear: economizing finances, a better capacity to focus on strategic issues, access to technology and specialized expertise, and the potential for improved services. This is exactly where RPO companies assist in forming a dedicated workforce.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) has been a term familiar among recruiters, recruitment organizations, and the HR industry. RPO company provide a business model where an organization outsources the management of the recruitment function (in whole or part) to a third-party expert to retrench their overall spending on cost of acquisition while improving efficiency in service and scaling. When managed well with a top-notch quality provider, RPO can reduce time spent on hiring by 40% and deliver cost savings of more than 50%. Organizations of all sizes are exploring and adapting to this brand-new way of recruiting manpower.

The RPO industry has witnessed propelling growth in the recent past. Since 2018, the RPO industry has seen a surge of 11-12% in the global market and is expected to grow at an annual growth rate of 18.5% from 2020 to 2027 to reach USD 20.77 billion by 2027. With the COVID-19 pandemic, RPO companies have played a key role in transforming industries that need urgent specialized recruitment services.

Given the dynamic nature of the business world, we are now witnessing a paradigm shift with the recruiting of companies in a declining global economy. Working from home, the ‘new normal’ has made recruiting complex, time-consuming, and unpredictable. If the decisions aren’t taken wisely, it leads to a high staff turnover, an increase in cost-per-hire, and an inability to meet the demands of your business.



Sittellas, a global RPO company, has innovated an unparalleled solution to meet your global recruitment demands. Sittellas has been in the industry for the past 4 years and has completed 50+ projects, globally. From Fortune 500 companies to start-ups, they have worked with a broad spectrum of the global market with a client retention rate of 95%.

Sittellas partners up with your organization to deliver a tailor-made recruitment solution for your professional hiring needs. They provide your organization with proficient offshore recruiters and sourcing specialists to hire the right manpower in the right position with a well-planned recruitment strategy.

Whenever your recruitment volume fluctuates, whether it is for temporary projects or global recruitment demands, Sittellas has got you covered at every level of service. Our top-grade recruiters work within your company to pay heightened attention to your corporate culture, values, and ethos. You receive their attention towards the minutest details and foundations of the core principles, which improve the recruitment decisions and probability of finding the ‘right’ fit.

By providing such a hyper-personalized experience, it results in increased employee retention and satisfaction along with a massive improvement in your company's competitive advantage in a market with cut-throat competition. Such efficiency in hiring top-talent compounds into growth and success for your organization.

Benefits at a glance

Massive talent pool: RPO’s have a global talent pool, which means a plenitude of high-quality prospective employees can be hired in different regions around the globe. An added advantage of being able to tap local talent pools that allow companies to diversify and strengthen their teams.

Great hiring quality: Top-quality hires in an organization have continually proven to improve productivity over a longer duration of time. RPO programs provide tough assessments while measuring candidate quality to make a more well-informed decision.

Scalability and Flexibility: When an organization is growing at an exponential rate or has a sudden boom, RPO’s can meet your ever-changing recruitment needs with ease. An RPO solution allows your organization to acquire talent, permanently or temporarily, as per the demands of the situation.

Cultural Understanding: Whenever a company hires a local, the candidate knows the country’s demands and expectations better than a foreigner, be it professionally or economically. With local knowledge, experience, and understanding, a company can create a long-term positive impact on their new market.

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