What are the best methods and techniques of E-recruitment for your organization?

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What is e recruitment?

Also known as online recruitment, in e recruitment, most of the hiring part is done through online methods using web-based tools and techniques right from start till the end. Since the emergence of COVID e recruitment has become a major source for the RPO Company recruiters to get a candidate on board. Also, various organizations have started to adopt e recruitment techniques, training their HR managers and recruiters for the same.

The process of e recruitment follows the posting of job vacancies on various job portals and also the social media platforms such as LinkedIn. The candidates can apply for the relevant job profile through email or call after which they are tested for the skills through an online pre-employability test/aptitude test. Once all this is done then the interview process is also conducted online only after which the candidate is selected for onboarding or the final interview with the department head. So, the entire e recruitment method involves selecting, screening, skill test, and also the interview process that is completely online (using online tools and platforms).

Just like every other industry that has readily moved to online methods of carrying out tasks, the recruitment industry has also started to follow the same path. More recruiters have started to use e recruitment methods for targeting the right job seekers in the market.

What are various e recruitment techniques?

The two most effective e recruitment technique that an organization can use are-

Job Sites/ Job Portal: Many famous job portals such as Indeed, Naukri, Glassdoor, and Shine are used by organizations to post vacancies. An RPO Company is well equipped with all these portals as they are dedicated to serving their clients with the best of service, but for organizations, it can cost a little too much to purchase the subscriptions of all of it. These job portals have got many inbuilt features that empower the e recruitment process of a business, making it fast, efficient, and effective.

Resume scanning filters: All the job portals have got the feature to scan resumes in accordance with the requirements, skills, and experience that the recruiters will pre-feed in the portal. This feature cuts out the manual struggle of going through every resume and provides the reference to resumes that are of your interest as a recruiter.

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Access to job portals has become mandatory for not just an RPO Company but for any other company that is interested in creating a skilled team of employees. Job Sites have the advantage of a ready database that can be accessed anytime from anywhere. The job opening can be immediately posted on them with instant views and applications from the end of relevant job seekers. This e recruitment technique is cost-effective, saves time, and makes the recruitment process certain for success.

How can an organization take full advantage of the e recruitment method?

The e recruitment method is indeed cost-effective but to use all those tools and techniques the HR team needs to be trained and given hands-on experience to make it a fool-proof process. To cut down all these efforts and over-investment drawbacks, the organizations can hand over the recruitment task to an RPO Company.

What is an RPO Company?

They are an extended part of your recruitment team only with more skills, resources, and data-based fool-proof techniques to get you the right candidates at once. An RPO Company has got all the latest technology and AI integrated software to the recruitment task efficiently. It is also cost-effective and doesn’t charge any extra bucks for all the tools or job portals they use.

In short, an RPO Company is a sustainable, reliable, and fool-proof method to create winning teams for your organization and overall decreasing the yearly turnover cost. There are many other benefits of RPO Company that help in accelerating the growth of your business, getting you the maximum ROI.

What are the advantages of the e recruitment method?

No mediator required

There is absolutely no requirement of a third or fourth person as the recruiters can directly post the job vacancy and its requirements on the job portal, directly getting the response of the applicant over the same.


As compared to the physical recruitment process in which there is no surety of the applicant to be ideal for the profile, ultimately costing a lot of time and money over nothing, the e recruitment method is quite affordable. With online tests and interviews, the recruiters can easily classify suitable candidates, going further with only a selected few of them.

Fast Onboarding

The e recruitment method helps recruiters to go along with the process in a much faster way as compared to the physical recruitment process. As time doesn’t go waste on random job seekers and analyzing their resumes, recruiters can get the right candidates within no time, initiating their onboarding immediately.

RPO Companies can provide all these benefits at once at a cost-effective rate. Also, there are no limitations of long-time contracts or bonds letting you conveniently tie-up with an RPO Company for as long as you want. Similarly, there are many more Popular FAQs for RPO Company which you must refer to before reaching out for it.