Tips to choose the best RPO Service provider that is right for you!

tips to choose best rpo company

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Recruitment has become a challenge for all the HR managers across the globe who are seeking the ideal talent for their company. Further, this challenge becomes more troublesome if the recruitment criteria are complex or unclear. The recruitment process requires a lot of management or else it turns out to be a mismanaged activity that results in bad hires, high turnover rate, and unsatisfied employees. Ultimately, the havoc in the hiring process affects the development of the organization as a whole.

To counter the drawbacks of a poor hiring process, organizations have started to outsource their recruitment process which is then taken care of by an RPO Company .

What are RPO Companies?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing or RPO Companies are being known for becoming a resourceful extension to the internal HR team. In simple words, the organizations give the responsibility of recruiting candidates as and when required to a third party. This shift of responsibility can be in whole or as a part of the internal recruitment team.

One of the major benefits of RPO Company is that it holds expertise in recruitment and makes use of all the latest technology and virtual hiring methods which is specifically useful in this COVID era. Considering its many benefits, Organizations have started to reach out to some of the best RPO service providers to fulfill their long-term or even short-term workforce requirements.

Points to consider when choosing an RPO Company

There are some important points that need to be considered regardless of the specifics of your industry or company. These points include-

1. Industry Knowledge - It is very important to assess if the RPO provider is well aware of your industry or not. To inquire about this, you can ask for the case studies of the clients that belonged from the same industry as yours.

2. Experience - For any service provider to be considered an expert, should hold a meaningful experience. Please note that it isn’t important for the RPO Company to be old but what type of clients they have handled and how well experienced they are to handle the various recruitment challenges is what matters.

3. Total Cost -See if the cost fits your budget or not. Always ask for the breakup and possibilities of reducing the cost by altering certain points.

4. Clientele Base -Ask about the clients they have worked with in the past also who are they working with within the current scenario. This gives you an idea to acquire feedback from their past clients or measure their achievement.

5. The chemistry between the two - When looking to partner with an RPO Company, do notice if there is sync between your thoughts and approach or not. As in long term, this type of partnership matters a lot for the growth of the business.

6. Value-added services - Inquire about the different types of value-added services that they’ll be providing.

There can be many other criteria’s that a company might want to clarify according to their personal requirement, but these 6 points are the must considerations which should be clarified to get the best RPO service provider.

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What are the benefits of RPO Company?

RPO Companies have become a significant helping hand in creating productive teams for the organizations. Their recognition is only increasing because of the multiple benefits they can provide, some of which are mentioned below-

1. Strategy created by experts - Rather than blind hit and trail, RPO Companies create a pre-planned strategy that is applied for sure results. These strategies are created by experienced industry experts who provide advice on every step of the recruitment process.

2. Cost-Effective - RPO service providers have got economic and flexible plans that can be accordingly customized to suit the budget of the client. Also, they have got a well-planned process and outreach channels that reduce the administrative burden for the organization. Some studies have proved that the RPO process can cut recruitment costs by almost 50%.

3. Time-Saving and Quick Hire - RPO Company has got a ready talent pool from which they can quickly shortlist the right candidate for whichever job profile the client has asked. They have also got a well-knitted network of candidates which helps them find the right talent faster, reducing the overall hiring time by up to 40%.

4. Global Reach - RPO Companies are not limited to one location or country and this is the reason why they can easily provide suitable talent from anywhere across the globe. Having this kind of network for an internal recruitment team is next to impossible and this is why organizations mostly opt for some best RPO service provider to have global hiring’s done.

5. Technologically smart - The recruitment industry has become quite advanced as various software are being introduced that can generate pre-employability tests, automatically read and sort the resumes, also can create well-researched interview questions for every type of job profile. Acquiring such software by the organization can be expensive and overkill, whereas RPO Companies have got a dedicated purpose for it and also don’t charge any extra bucks from their clients.

6. Flexible to scale or shrink the process - RPO Companies assign dedicated teams to every client and the number of team members depends on the requirement. In case the requirement suddenly increases then the team can be easily upscaled, likewise, the team can also be taken-off when the requirement is low.

7. No geographical limitations - RPO’s are efficient to provide recruitment solutions from different modes. They can work as an on-site recruitment partner, as an off-site recruitment team, or even as a combination of both, whatever suits the best for client.

If you are still not sure of what an RPO Company exactly is or what they do then you can refer to some of the popular FAQ for RPO Company . Also, going through the E-recruitment method that RPO companies mostly use can help you get a better idea of their process and efficiency.